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  1. Path to Yasuní national park

    La Ciudad del Coca is also well known as the gate to Yasuní, every year hundreds of tourists get here to start their trip to

  2. Be part of the amazon culture

    Only 15 minutes from the city is located Amaru Yaya, its translation is Father Boa, this is the effort of a kicwa family to preserve

  3. Find the perfect souvenir

    Nature can teach us to value a little more the place where we live. We are certain that when you return home, you will realize

  4. Taste the flavors of the jungle

    The best way to know a place is through its gastronomy. The city of El Coca offers restaurants for all tastes, here you can find

  5. Relieve History

    The Ecuadorian amazon region harbors an impressive historical past. El coca is one of the few places among Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Venezuela that

  6. Meet the giants of the jungle

    Yasuní Land is a natural and adventures park, located 5 minutes from the city, focused on preservation and teaching visitors, this pace is home for

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