Relive history

The Ecuadorian amazon region harbors an impressive historical past. El coca is one of the few places among Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Venezuela that has archeological samples of the first inhabitants of…


Meet the giants of the jungle

Yasuní Land is a natural and adventures park, located 5 minutes from the city, focused on preservation and teaching visitors, tis pace is home for the majestic Ceibos , trees that stand out by its big size and are known…


Taste the flavors of the jungle

The best way to know a place is through its gastronomy. The city of El Coca offers restaurants for all tastes, here you can find from international food to delicious dishes traditional from the area, taste the Maito de tilapia…


Find the perfect souvenir

Nature can teach us to value a little more the place where we live. We are certain that when you return home, you will realize you are not the same as the one who started the trip, and that is why many traveler…


Be part of the amazon culture

Only 15 minutes from the city is located Amaru Yaya, its translation is Father Boa, this is the effort of a kicwa family to preserve the customs and traditions of their ancestors, here you will learn how to live in the jungle. …


Path to Yasuní national park

La Ciudad del Coca is also well known as the gate to Yasuní, every year hundreds of tourists get here to start their trip to Yasuní National Park. Stated as biosphere world reserve by UNESCO in 1989, this part of the…


Meet the animal rescue center Coca Zoo

Coca zoo is an animal rescue center, created to house some of the species that due to illegal hunting and capture are recover to try to put them back to their natural habitats. Come and meet our charismatics…


Free a baby turtle in the Yasuní

Among the wild fauna species more peculiar in the amazon rivers there are the charapas turtles. This specie has great importance to the ecologic balance. Kichwas communities in Nueva Providencia and Sani Island located…


Visit a lodge in the heart of the Amazon

It is almost impossible to enjoy all the Amazon glory if you don’t spend a night inside. El coca is a starting point for most of the hotels (Lodges) that are in the jungle and some of them in the middle of the heart of the Yasuni….


Monkey island expedition

The jungle is mágica place, despite being full of life it is not always easy to notice the presence of all the species that inhabit there. Sumak Alpa island is a program of biodiversity and environmental education…


Relive the amazon expedition

Did you know that the real name of the city is Puerto Francisco de Orellana? Many historians place the location where today is the city of El Coca as where Spanish Francisco de Orellana started his expedition, that later…


Watch the mirror of the sky

Watch an Amazon like you had never before, here you can find sights that will take your breath away. Unlike other Amazonian cities closer to the Andean region, El Coca is located in a low area, where rivers…


Go over the indigenous fair

El Coca is the main commercial port of the Orellana province, many of the amazonian communities go to this city to sell a great variety of typical products from the area. Here you can find many uncommon items…


Listen to birds in a saladero

Los Saladeros are natural formations caused by erosion in hills and hillside in the Amazon, these places acquire great touristic value because of hundreds of parrots, parakeets, macaws and other species that are…


Plan your trip

Travelling to Coca was never that easy! You can plan your trip by yourself according to your preferences and time!

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