Frequently Asked Questions

Is El Coca the real name of the city?

Also known as El Coca, the real name of this place is Francisco de Orellana port. This lovely city has the name of the Spanish Francisco de Oreallana who is attributed the discovery of the Amazon river and according to many historians he started his expedition from what it is known today as El Coca. The city is located in the northwest of the Orellana province, in the confluence of the rivers Napo, Coca and Payamino.

How to get to El Coca?

Getting to El Coca city is very easy, you access through road or air ways in just a little time.

Ground transportation routes:

  • From Quito: Quito – Tumbaco – Pifo – Papallacta – Baeza (Quijos) – Loreto – El Coca (km 309). Approximated time in a vehicle 5 hours
  • Route from Guayaquil: Guayaquil – Riobamba – Ambato – Pelileo – Baños – Puyo – Tena – Archidona – Loreto – El Coca (km 648). Approximated time in a vehicle 11 hours
  • Route from Cuenca: Cuenca – Macas – Puyo – Tena – Archidona – Loreto – El Coca (km 573. Approximated time in a vehicle 10 hours

From quito you can take any of the out province buses that leave from Quitumbe station, and in some cases from Carcelen terminal.

Referential fee: Approximate cost 12.50$ (from Quito)

Air route:

Leaving from Quito to Francisco de Orellana ( El Coca) it takes about 45 minutes. The currently operating airlines are TAME and AVIANCA, buy your tickets in advance, to access to cheapest flights, there are at least three fights a day from Monday to Friday, while Saturdays and Sundays once a day.

What's the weather like in El Coca?

It has a warm humid weather, usually sunny that allows to enjoy its natural interesting places in the jungle there’s some rain, that allows to enjoy a different type of fauna during the tours.  Temperatures are between 23° and 35°.

Are there bugs in El Coca?

As in any Amazonian city El Coca, has different insects that are part of its natural attractive, you can use a repellent that is eco-friendly and enjoy the wonders that El Coca offers.

What do I need to bring to El Coca?

Par disfrutar de las maravillas que puedes conocer en el Coca te recomendamos siempre contar con tus documentos de identificación: Pasaporte o tarjeta de identidad, además de contar con una mochila liviana para las caminatas, es recomendable llevar efectivo, puesto que en algunos lugares no se aceptan tarjetas de crédito o débito, para evitar picaduras de mosquitos lleva contigo repelentes, de preferencia aquellos que no afecten al medio ambiente, para cuidar tu piel recomendamos que lleves protector solar, si tomas medicamentos especiales o posees alergias lleva contigo e indica al tour líder, mientras caminas en la selva querrás ver a todos los animales y llevarte un recuerdo de tu experiencia, por eso te recomendamos llevar binoculares y cámara fotográfica, los mismos que te ayudarán a ver las maravillas que existen dentro de tus trayectos, para evitar inconvenientes lleva contigo repuestos de batería para la cámara y tarjetas de memoria extra para poder captar con tu lente la mayor cantidad de recuerdos de tu experiencia.


En cuanto a la ropa recomendamos un equipaje ligero y fácil de manejar: Recuerda que puedes hacer uso de los tours a la selva y tendrás que caminar largas distancias.

  • Pantalones que sequen fácil
  • Camisas de algodón
  • Camisas mangas largas para los zancudos
  • Suéter
  • Chaquetas
  • Medias largas
  • Zapatos cómodos para caminar
  • Terno de baño
  • Sombrero o gorro
  • Poncho de agua
  • Jeans
  • Sandalias

How safe is the drinking water in El Coca?

We recommend bottled water. It is available in all the touristic places, hotels and restaurants. Use bottled water to brush your teeth.

What is El Coca time zone?

Ecuador is five hours behind  Greenwich time (GMT), therefore it is the same standard time (EST). The country doesn’t have summer time. The sun rises and sets at the same time during all year. So from April to October continental Ecuador has standard time.

What is the currency used in Ecuador?

Dollar is the official currency, remember to bring cash and verify with your bank what ATMs you can use. If dollar is not the official currency from your country remember to exchange. 

Do they take credit cards in El Coca?

We usually take Visa, MasterCards, Diners club, if you have any inconvenience there are places that work with paypal or bank transferences.

Where can I make the exchange?

For your comfort, we recommend to exchange the money in international airport when arriving. Whether in Quito or Guayaquil. In Quito there are some money exchange houses that offer this service.

Can I use my cellphone?

Check with your service company before leaving. Avoid going back home with a huge bill due to roaming service.
We offer you some tips: Activate plane mode to extend the duration of the journey, bring your SIM card and only use free Wi-Fi conexions (offered in many hotels and restaurants in Ecuador) unlock your cellphone before leving home (through your provider) and buy a SIM card as soon as you arrive to Ecuador. We recommend Movistar, Claro and CNT that are the phone companies with wider signal in the area.

Am I going to need and adapter or my electronic devices?

Once you have your bag ready and your passport in your pocket, one of the small things we usually forget and that can help us prevent any discomfort is to check the voltage and the type of plug used in the country we are about to visit. Ecuador uses 110 waltz, 60 electricity cycles like Canada and like the USA the plug usually have two points. If your charger is different bring necessary adapters to have a pleasant trip.

What Can I eat in El Coca?

Here gastronomy is very wide, you can find a big variety of national and international food, just like or better than in any other part of the country. However your visit won’t be complete unless you try local dishes, pasta, meat, seafood, and part of the offer in local food there is maitos, that can be prepared with hen, catfish, tiapia and dried salted fish. Besides the delicious and refreshing guayusa, energetic and traditional drink.

How safe is El Coca?

El coca is a safe city, you need to take the same precautions you would take in any other destination. Safety four tourists has increased in the last few years, but it is still important to take precautions, like avoid going to unknown areas, especially at night.