Path to Yasuní national park

La Ciudad del Coca is also well known as the gate to Yasuní, every year hundreds of tourists get here to start their trip to Yasuní National Park. Stated as biosphere world reserve by UNESCO in 1989, this part of the amazon jungle is considered one of the most bio diverse places in the planet for its huge variety of amphibious, birds, mammals and plants. This park contains more animal species by hectare than all Europe. Moreover, in this place exist two of the towns in isolation that still remain in the world, the tageatri and taromenane. We recommend you to plan your visit with some time, Yasuní is about two and a half hours from El Coca, by canoe and you will need a tour operator or lodge for your visit. To know this paradise on earth is to go back in time, discover what it feels like to breathe the purest air on earth and enjoy nature as you watch one of its amazing sunsets.

Time: 6 hours

Approximated cost: From 120 USD per day (each person)

Place: Parque Nacional Yasuní

Does it require tour guide?: Yes

Does not include::
Additional drinks
Personal expenses

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