Free a baby turtle in the Yasuní

Among the wild fauna species more peculiar in the amazon rivers there are the charapas turtles. This specie has great importance to the ecologic balance. Kichwas communities in Nueva Providencia and Sani Island located in the northwest of the Yasuni National park, offer the possibility to visit the facilities of the community management and adoption program of the charapa turtles, in this place you can see the charismatic baby turtles and be lucky enough to adopt or free them in their natural habitat all this with the purpose of helping their preservation. We are certain that you won’t be able to resist taking pictures with our cute guests. Ask for more details with any of the legal and certified tour operators to do this activity.

Time: 8 horas (Full Day)

Approximated cost: 75 USD (it varies depending on the number of people)

Place: Nueva Providencia community

Does it require tour guide?: Yes

Entry to the community management program
Private waterway return transportation
Native guide

Does not include:
Rubber boots
Additional drinks
Water ponchos 
Personal expenses

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