Relieve History

The Ecuadorian amazon region harbors an impressive historical past. El coca is one of the few places among Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Venezuela that has archeological samples of the first inhabitants of the jungle. Consider a mandatory stop in your visit to the city the Archeological museum and the Orellana Cultural center, also known as MACCO, it is home for one of the archeological samples better preserved form the Napo Runa phase ( 1.001 bc – 1500 ac). Here the most representative icons from El Coca, the faces of the moon, lay. Your visit won’t be complete without you meeting the history behind these particular pieces. Relive history and watch how men made the jungle a place to live.

Tme: 1 hour

Approximated cost: 5 USD  (it varies depending on the number of people)

Place: City Pier

Does it require tour guide?: No

Museum entry
Museum guide

Does not include:
Additional drinks
Personal expense

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